Principles & Beliefs

If you don't like my beliefs, don't hire me!

In order to manage an activity well you need to understand it well, you cannot parachute in an "expert" who doesn't understand it.

Advisory work is about getting out cleanly, not creating client dependency.

Knowledge may be gleaned in the classroom, but expertise only comes from practical application.

You know your business better than any advisor.

Governance is about doing it right, for everyone.

Good governance doesn't cost money, it saves it.

Business strategy is enabled by three legs:

    • Resources (cash, assets etc.)

    • Talent (people who know how to do what the business wants to do)

    • Information (about customers, prospects, suppliers, competitors, business operations)

With these we can achieve anything, without them nothing.

IT is not strategic, IT Strategy is a non-sequitur, all technology is tactical.

IT is about technology exploitation to support strategy through:

    • Manufacturing new information

    • Enabling workers, customers and suppliers better

    • Creating the basis for self-measurement and continuous improvement

Do IT for the right reasons and purposes and you will have great IT, otherwise you won't.

A project begins with an idea, not a project plan, and ends when the idea is superseded, not when the project is "delivered".

Kaisen (continuous improvement) should be practiced in every part of every organisation, including IT.

Best practice is the start of the journey, not the end. Better practice is where we go from there.

Culture is crucial to achieving a harmonious and productive workforce.

Vision, Mission and Values are real, without them you don't know where you're going or how to get there.

Silos and silo-isation have no place in business.

Change is achieved through leadership, not management.

You never stop learning.