Business Advisory Practice

As a Chartered Director I provide general business advisory services focusing on business strategy development, governance and board performance. I work with directors and boards to improve company performance at all levels. I support major change initiatives.

Some examples:

Strategy development: I work with directors and boards to facilitate strategy development, as an enabler and moderator for meetings, as a trusted independent sounding board, and as a consultant developing new options for strategy.

Governance: I review and advise on governance at all levels within organisations to determine whether it is appropriate and effective. I assist organisations in identifying and removing inappropriate, bureaucratic and costly unnecessary governance regimes, and in developing governance regimes that achieve their desired outcomes with minimum overhead.

Board performance: I observe and review board meetings and interactions and director performance. I act as an independent advisor to boards and directors to help them identify their weaknesses and inefficiencies. I facilitate board member appraisals and 360 feedback. I broker and resolve damaging tensions between board members.

Organisational performance: I advise on the creation of KPIs that directly drive business outcomes and avoid unproductive process compliance. I advise on the creation of effective management information that supports business objectives.

Business process: I review existing process, challenge wasteful process, and engineer new and more efficient and effective process.

Change leadership: I provide interim leadership to deliver additional executive bandwidth at times of stress, particularly during significant change. I provide leadership, communicate vision and mission, and drive, enable and support staff along the path of change to achieve an enduring new state.

I also act as a non-executive director, particularly to fast growth and technology-based businesses.