ICT Advisory Practice

As a Chartered IT Professional I work as an advisor on business exploitation of ICT, ICT strategy, and the development of corporate ICT leadership and teams to deliver commercial value.

For as long as we have had IT, business people have complained that their IT investments have not delivered the expected or promised value and that their IT people do not understand their business. IT people regularly complain that business does not understand (the constraints of) IT. I bridge that gap.

I work with business people to identify new opportunities for the exploitation of technology, and to identify barriers and problems with their current technology. I work with IT executives and their teams, and IT suppliers, to enable them to deliver satisfaction to their business customers.

Some examples:

Information Strategy: I assist organisations in determining whether they have the right information, identifying what information is needed, determining how to most effectively create it, and leading their IT functions to provide the mechanisms that ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time.

Information Governance: I help by identifying what data is needed, and what is merely costly overhead. I advise on governance including the usage, maintenance and protection of data. I provide assurance in the form of data protection and user security audits. I provide advice on technology to ensure accuracy and currency of data.

ICT Strategy: I create ICT strategies for organisations to guide them in ensuring that their ICT functions and technologies support their organisational and business objectives.

ICT Leadership: I advise business and IT leaders on how to implement and manage their ICT systems and ICT teams for best performance. I mentor and coach senior staff. I provide interim management services to cover transitions including significant change, major projects, and recruitment gaps. I provide part-time & virtual CIO / IT Director services.

M&A Support: I audit the IT functions, business systems and processes of acquisition targets for the purpose of due diligence, and advise on the integration of businesses, people, systems and processes to ensure that the potential benefits of an acquisition are materialised.

Technology: I provide advice on the selection, implementation and operation of specific enterprise technologies including CRM, ERP, Communications and Field Service.

Please see SBA for more information about my business & technology advisory work.