Elite AGM 2014

I thought I had arranged for these to be published on the ELITE website prior to the AGM, but something went wrong - at a guess the holidays. Please find below the Officers Reports for our 2014 AGM.

ELITE Chair's Report

Welcome to BCS ELITE’s first Virtual AGM! As one of our members observed, the majority of ELITE’s members live outside the M25, so a virtual AGM it means that everyone can be involved. Or not, of course, depending on our mastery of the technology. (Thanks, Steve, by the way!)

It’s been a busy year for ELITE with over 20 events around the country, and having welcomed 70 new members. More from Chris Tiernan about this next.

We’ve said goodbye to Rick Chandler, a committee member that has contributed a great deal over the years to ELITE, but who now wanted to spend more time with his other family, the CMA group, that he chairs. Thanks, Rick!

We’ve also welcomed Shakeeb Niazi to the committee. Shakeeb works extensively with BCS Entrepreneurs and we hope that great synergistic things will come from having him on the committee.

ELITE also appointed its first Publicity Officer, Ibukun Adebayo, who created some stir on ELITE on LinkedIn with her ELITE quiz.

One of the highlights for me was to attend the Manchester event “BYOD and cloud applications heighten corporate security risks”, organised by our sponsors 4itrecruitment. Thanks to two great speakers – Andrew Kellett and James McKinlay – there was a lively plenary on InfoSec issues. Another great idea was presented at British Airways in London. “How criminals hack websites for financial gain” included a live hacking demo of what could be achieved by a motivated hacker. Seems we connected at an emotional level with that one. ELITE also held its first event in Milton Keynes, with a great audience listening to speakers on Data Analytics.

In the ELITE Committee Meeting in November, we welcomed BCS’s new CEO Paul Fletcher who answered questions about forthcoming BCS strategy. His responses appeared open and he was very clear on the value he places on BCS ELITE, indeed all BCS members. ELITE hopes to work closely with Paul and his team to help the, understand your needs and wishes for the future of BCS. Watch this space. ELITE’s committee meeting minutes are available (lightly redacted) from elite.bcs.org, bottom left, under “My groups>ELITE SG Committee”.

ELITE’s finances are rosy at the moment, with BCS supporting giving great support for regional events. More about the finances from David Tidey in a moment.

Volunteer time is, of course, the major limit on what ELITE can achieve to support you. Jacqui has done another great job in canvassing your opinions in our survey, more from her later when she’ll also run through our event schedule.

Finally, thanks to each and every one of the committee this year for their work in support of you.

I’ll be back later to announce the skilful winner of the 2015 ELITE Christmas limerick competition, who will receive a free event attendance of their choice in 2015.

I wish you a wonderful 2015 and look forward to meeting you at one or more of our events in 2015. Do keep in touch with me at jon_hall@mac.com. I can’t promise that all that you ask will be accomplished, but I can promise you that the committee will take your views into consideration.

Jon Hall

ELITE Treasurer's Report

The BCS accounting year finishes at the end of August.

For the year ending August 2014:

Total base budget was £2080
A supplementary budget bid was approved for £2500 to cover the costs of the regional programme of events
Total expenditure less income was £3615

Elite has been allowed to roll over £1043 into the current year. To access this money the committee needs to make a supplementary funding request.

The Elite base budget for 2014-15 is £4200, this now includes the budget for the regional events programme.

So far this year there has been minimal expenditure.

David Tidey
ELITE Treasurer

Membership Secretary's Report

I have had the honour of being the ELITE Membership Secretary since April 2012. In that time I have assessed over 650 applications to join ELITE and/or ELITE on LinkedIn. Of those, just over half have satisfied the eligibility criteria and have been added to the ELITE Membership List. Among those who did not satisfy the criteria in 2014 was a lady who runs a cafe – perhaps she thought of her upper class emporium as a high tea shop

The criteria for membership are set out on elite.bcs.org and are as follows:

“Application for membership is open to anyone, whether or not a member of BCS, responsible for or influential upon the leadership of IT who has attained at least fellowship in their professional institutes (Fellow of BCS (FBCS) or equivalent, e.g., SFIA+ Level 7), or is nominated by three current ELITE members.”

Membership is personal and stays with you throughout your career and beyond, regardless of role, employer, size of organisation, industry or budget. No other membership body offers that and with no membership fees.

We currently have 3,280 members of whom 3,145 are on our mailing list. Of those 1.511 are members of ELITE on LinkedIn. We have 315 international members including:

• 41 in Australia,
• 13 in Canada
• 31 in Hong Kong
• 15 in Ireland
• 11 in Isle of Man (including the ELITE Vice Chair)
• 16 in Singapore
• 18 in Sri Lanka
• 45 in the USA

In 2014, 69 new ELITE members were added to whom we extend a warm welcome. 59 of those joined after becoming FBCSs. A similar number joined ELITE on LinkedIn.

I would encourage all ELITE members who have not yet done so to join BCS ELITE on LinkedIn as that is the easiest way to stay in touch with events and discussions, especially if you are not a member of BCS. But do note that there are two groups with similar names. We are not the group which calls itself: “BCS ELITE - Friends of the British Computer Society”, although we would welcome the 33 of them applying to join us as well.

As you can imagine, the volunteer role of Membership Secretary requires a considerable amount of administrative support. For that I extend my thanks to Mandy Bauer, Member Groups Events Executive of the BCS, who energetically takes that burden from me.

I wish all our members a very successful 2015 and look forward to meeting more of you at our events in 2015.

Chris Tiernan
ELITE Membership Secretary

Event Co-ordinator's Report

IT Job Market
Green IT
Innovation 2020
Cyber Essentials
Psychology of our Digital Lives
Data Privacy

Thames Valley
2 ‘unconferences’
Weathering the storm

Customer engagement
IT Strategy (Cloud security)
IT Strategy (soft skills for digital leadership)

Customer engagement
BYOD and security

Customer engagement
BYOD and security
Agile delivery

Milton Keynes 
Big data - big opportunities

Other events
free tickets to Cloud World Forum
free tickets to e-leadership at Henley
free tickets for Google ground2cloud

We ran an events survey mid-year.

Comment – many events (especially in London and Thames Valley), are now being run in collaboration with branches.

Jacqui Hogan
Events Co-ordinator

End of Officer's Reports